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Our sales certifications are a personalized and human experience. You will get direct coaching and mentoring from an Island of Sales specialist. We have two levels of certification.


Our professional selling certificate is perfect for the beginner to the intermediate salesperson. Typically this is someone in their first 1-5 years of a sales career. Great for inside or outside sales people, the professional selling certificate covers the following:

  • Adapting to the 4 different personality styles
  • Preparing
  • Introduction – Opening Lines, Ice breakers, Outlining your agenda
  • Investigation
  • Consult and Presenting skills
  • Closing
  • Overturning Objections


Our executive selling certificate is perfect for the seasoned salesperson looking to become a sales trainer or manager or the person already waist deep in a sales management career and looking for a lift. This certificate covers the following:

  • How to recruit a sales staff
  • How to train a sales staff
  • How to build compensation and bonus plans
  • How to motivate and empower salespeople
  • How to grow and scale your sales organization


This is not a certificate and applicants are screened heavily on a case by case basis. This is for people serious about getting to the next level and may be in the unfortunate situation to not have great mentorship or leadership available. Life Coaching prices are based on an individual basis.

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